Curry Leaves

No photo description available.Curry leaves come from the curry plant native to India and Sri Lanka. The dark green, aromatic leaves are commonly used in Indian dishes, adding flavor to curries, vegetable dishes and chutneys. While curry leaves have become synonymous with Indian cooking, they also are used to treat a variety of health complications in ayurvedic medicine. As always, speak with your doctor before using alternative medical treatments.Diabetes
According to a 2004 article published by the BBC, researchers have found curry-leaf extracts “appear to restrict the action of a digestive enzyme called pancreatic alpha-amylase, which is involved in the breakdown of dietary starch to glucose.” This can lead to a more even flow of glucose, helping diabetics maintain healthy blood-glucose levels.
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Curry leaves may promote digestive health. As a mild laxative, they may help with multiple digestive problems. Curry leaves also may help treat morning sickness—nausea and vomiting occurring during the first trimester of pregnancy. Curry leaves also may be beneficial in the treatment of diarrhea and dysentary. Loss of appetite also may be cured by using curry leaves.

Other uses
The bark or root of the curry plant may be used to relieve kidney pain or prevent prematurely graying hair, and treat eye disorders. Traditional healers use curry leaves to treat insect bites, burns and bruises, but research is needed to determine the benefits of curry leaves.

Curry leaves can be beneficial to your health eaten traditionally in food, but they also may be used as an extract combined with buttermilk. The combination of curry-leaf juice with lime juice and sugar also may be used. To use curry bark or root, combine crushed bark with cold water

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