Why I want to get married to you, my Future Husband.

10906484_10153035750638685_5575930869375948852_nBecause you worship Allah, please Him, glorify Him, fight for His Sake and stay firm to His Deen above all others.

Because you are a believing man whose Imaan & Akhlaq are transcendent.

Because you love your parents and grandparents so dearly for they are the ones who have been patient in bringing you up to be the man that you are predestined to be.

Because you love your siblings and your close relatives as you strive to lead them by example.

Because you love my parents, my siblings and my close relatives just like your own.

Because you love me sincerely w/o doubting Him when He chooses me to complete the other half of your Deen.

Because you are patient enough to wait for years, decades even, for my arrival into your life and ignore all the other women who could’ve tempted you.

Because you can appreciate my beauty way beyond that which is apparent to you.

Because you are pleasing to my eyes and heart as I am to yours.

Because you enhance my intelligence with your own and together we can use this gift from Him for Him.

Because you are gentle towards me and you will never raise your voice nor your hands at me.

Because you are generous with your Naseehah for me as you want me to be the best that I can be before I finally face Him.

Because you are ever cautious to protect me, our family and our loved ones from the Cursed One.

Because you are always grateful to Him for what you have and for what you don’t and remind me to be grateful too for what I have and for what I don’t.

Because you share everything with me; your fears, your worries, your tears, your ups, your downs, your smiles, your success, your… Everything.

Because you have put to good use the fitrah that Allah has given to you and bring back home the halal Rizq from Him that can sustainour family in this temporary life and most definitely, be the means for our preparation for the Hereafter.

Because you not only want me to be your companion in the Dunya but also in Jannatul Firdaus; our shared goal since Azali.

Because you could be the chosen one whom Allah has handpicked for me since the day I was born and verily, Allah’s choice is always and always will be the best for me.

And most importantly, because you will let go of me lillahi ta’ala should He decide to turn the tables around and make another woman as your rightful wife in the end and not me because man proposes, Allah disposes.

Your Future Wife

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