How To Do Hijab Correctly

2b10e28168e2dabe6c594ad51832131a_400x400Basically, the dress of ladies should cover the whole body except the face and hand (ie. palms and fingers). Hair should not be exposed because Islam considers it as half of the total beauty of women. The Hijab could be of any form and color, a one-piece shawl or “chadar” or a three-piece ensemble, as long a it is not tight fitting and does not attract people’s attention.

Baseless Objections Againts Hijab


Those who feel that Hijab imprisons women should refrain form living in houses because it is nearer to a prison than Hijab.

In fact, culture which promotes nakedness takes people nearer to the culture of animals. Wearing the Hijab, on the contrary, liberates women form the trap of vulgar fashion and maladies. It gives them greater, reather than less freedom and mobility.

Science has confirmed that visual stimulation plays a predominant role on the physiology of men compared to women. The fact that the sex-industry in the World is targetted towards the male-market confirms it.

Some of the sisters come up with the excuse that the non-believers laugh at them if they observe Hijab nad they feel degraded. They may laugh for a little while but after some time, they will have no choice but to respect the Muslim women observing Hijab for their discipline whcih could not be shaken by their little laughs. Let us not forget ” The one who laughs last laughs the longest laugh”.

True! But only by the husband. Hence, women who truly love their husbands would never wish to be seen in public without Hijab. And those not yet married would like to keep their beauty for their future husbands and not become victim of “evil eyes”.

Disadvantages Of Discarding Hijab

Becoming an easy target of anti-social elements. Causing great stress, insecurity nad suspicion in the minds of husbands.  Instigating young people to deviate towards the path of lust adn immorality. Giving rise to cases of divorces, adultry, rape and illegitimate children

Advantages Of Observing It

Confidence in social participation as human being and not as a sexual commodity. Guarding oneself fro mteh lustful looks of men. Not deverting peoples’s attention from contructive social work.

Improving the moral character of society.
In conclusion women can achieve true dignity and experience true emancipation by observing Hijab and not by discarding it…..

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