How is correct for praying?

555855_10150686994498685_1465599264_nFormulas for praying: the best so what proved the correct year on the Prophet was saying, or recommended by the nation to say.

1. on the shaddad Ibn AWS may Allaah be pleased with him on the Prophet said “master for praying that says: Oh God you are my Lord is no God but you da eiboh abduka I am your custom and your what I charm you from the evil of what your manufactured ابوء you وابوء you with tails she fined you to forgive me, it does not forgive sins except you” he said and spoken of the day convinced by it died the day before they called it paradise and spoken at night and is trusted by Died before becoming is paradise. Narrated by Al-bukhaari (5642).
2. Abu Musa ash’ari from the Prophet was calling this prayer “forgive me my ignorance and my excessive sins and in Emery and what you know its me o Lord forgive me my sins, intentional and my ignorance and comic all I have, o Lord forgive me what made and delayed and I rejoiced and said you submitted and you backside you everything Kadeer”. Narrated by Al-bukhaari (6035) and Muslim (2774).

3. from Ibn Umar said: we let us return 0 for Prophet recognized in the Council says “Lord forgive me and FTP that you you tawab Rahim” 100 times. Narrated by Al-tirmidhi (3434) and has “tawab Ghafour” Abu Dawood (1516) and Ibn maajah (3814).

4. about Abe left on the Prophet said: “Whoever said Roane, who is no God but is everlasting and I repent to him forgiven though fled from crawling”. Narrated by Al-tirmidhi (3577) and Abu Dawood (1517). 5. Abu Bakr may Allaah be pleased with him, he said to the Prophet and said: ‘ call on me my prayer, he said: say “Oh God I suffered any injustice within myself a lot and does not forgive sins unjustly but you forgive me the remission of your own and ask you are you Ghafur Rahim”. Narrated by Al-bukhaari (799) and Muslim (2753).

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