Here Are Some Common Points Between A Hijabi Muslimah And A Queen

• Both Are Dressed Modestly:-

A Queen Dresses Modestly Because It’s Obligation For Her To Do So. A Hijabi Muslimah Dresses Modestly Because She Is Obeying Her Lord.

• Both Have High Status :-

A Queen’s Status Is Raised The Moment She Inherits Her Title And Crown. A Hijabi Muslimah’s Status Is Raised The Moment She Puts Her True Crown (Hijab) To Please Her Lord.

• Both Should Not Shake Hands With Everyone :-

There Are Only Certain People Who

Can Shake Hands With Queen. A Hijabi Muslimah Don’t Shake Hands With Strange Men (Non Mahram).

• Both Are Respected :-

They Bow Down In The Presence Of A Queen.
True Muslim Men Lower Their Gaze On The Presence Of Muslimah.

• Both Are Proud :-

A Queen Is Proud With Her Bloodline. A Hijabi Is Proud To Be A Muslimah.

• Both Are Important :-

A Queen Is Important In Creatures Eyes. A Hijabi Muslimah, As An Obedient Servant Of ALLAH, Is Important In Her.


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